Zolani from FreshlyGround in latest Hope Factory campaign

Ever since we have worked on the The Hope Factory, an enterprise development initiative based in Port Elizabeth, we have wanted to get Zolani, who comes from New Brighton township outside Port Elizabeth, to sing on behalf of The Hope Factory. We finally did it. The 2012 campaign to get businesses and start up business ideas to The Hope Factory relies a lot on community radio and campaigners – who take posters and flyers into the community. The copy for the core campaign originated from a workshop done with fellow entrepreneurs in Port Elizabeth. These were typeset as posters for the community and Myles McDonough from Hey Pappa Legend wrote the score. Zolani flew up from Cape Town, we did the recording (see video) and the campaign broke this month. Our target was 300 people. We have now added four entry days to accommodate more apllicants and have currently over a 1000 applicants – in our opinion it was worth waiting for a professional performer like Zolani to add that extra bit of magic.

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