Fun day at the Zoo

It’s a Go decided to take a morning off, and headed to the Joburg Zoo for some breakfast and a tour to see the main attractions. Despite most of us being a little cynical with the idea of zoos and indecisive whether zoos should exist or not, we were pleased to see that the Joburg Zoo is really well maintained and that they are constantly improving the animal enclosures and facilities. Hearing many of the heartbreaking stories of how and why some of the animals came to the zoo in the first place, made us realise the importance of rehabilitation facilities for animals, such as zoos.

Not to favour any of the animals, but Gladys the camel was definitely a winner. As were the pumas and of course the polar bears. So, do yourself a favour, treat the kids to a great outing and go see these amazing animals for yourself.

Well done Johannesburg Zoo, and thanks for a great tour.

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