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How much information about a person can be gathered on the web and would they be comfortable if it was represented in another public format such as an exhibition?

Continuing the theme of Glenda Venn’s TEDx talk, Digital Ubuntu – Everyone’s Invited? Our team gathered any information they could openly find ( without asking permission or access ) on the speakers and delegates attending the event in Grahamstown. Each persons details and photograph were printed on an A3 sheet of paper and hung on a frame of steel wire so that the information ‘floated’ in space much the same way as it does in cyberspace. The response from people varied from surprise that other people could access cellphone details along with personal favorite foods, to nonchalance that anyone would be interested. Our interest is that people don’t seem to be thinking about how public information on the web is, and questioning whether, once it is in the public domain, does anyone have the right to access and use it for their own purposes.

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