Hosted at the It’s a Go gallery, Body of Evidence continued the dialogue we had started with our Tedx installation at Rhodes. How private, or public, is your information on the web? Using dot matrix printers we printed out information on all of our clients that we had sourced on the web without ‘friending’ or gaining permissions. Flimsy reams of paper hanging full length in the gallery with blurry dot matrix images provided quite an eery setting for our clients to compare notes on how many private images and details we had found, and how few of them had no information available.

Our view is that issues of privacy following successful lawsuits against Google and Facebook will increasingly be a concern. As more digital media, ubiquitous computing and tracking technologies provide us with smart connected services they backward integrate information about us into vast data banks. We have no control of those data banks and removing your information from the digital world once it is published is very difficult. Further once you have an opinion you have put out there, how much control do you have of someone republishing it?

The It’s a Go gallery is on the ground floor of our building in Bryanston and we use it to host exhibitions that explore topical issues or showcase design projects.

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